Orc God, if you don't belive it jusst ask him.


The leader of a bandit group located somewhere Southeast of Expeditious Retreat along the part of the Vistula River commonly referred to as River of No Return. The group was seeking Scar-Eye because he has an Ioun Stone that they needed to turn Path’s Wayfinder into something Sabrina called a Destiny Compass.

It’s possible that he was the orc responsible for the destruction of Larkspur Weatherbee’s village when she was younger.

Scar-Eye was rumored to be one of the generals who led the early advances of goblin horde. At some point he left the front lines and ended up running a bandit group that is routinely described as a religion that worships him as their god.

A common rumor is that he lost his eye to a halfling swordsman, which is why he hates all halflings and will often go out of his way to kill them in slow and painful ways.

He was long been reported to have an Ioun Stone orbiting his head, and had reportedly killed people who ridiculed or joked about it.

When the party faced him he seemed to know they were there, and seemed ready for his fate. When he expired he grabbed Path by the shoulder and said with his dieing breath “I Scar-Eyed this.”


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