Amulet of the Still Mind

An artifact of immense power that can preserve the soul in an undead.


Rumors suggest the Necklace is an Elven artifact, but the most commonly held belief is that it is of Azlanti manufacture and just came into the possessions of the Elven people at some time either right before or right after Earthfall. It’s manufacture and design lend weight to this argument as it lacks any of the common elements of Elven jewelry design and the materials (use of silver and gem stones)

It is believed to have many powers, but most important of these is it’s ability to stave off the madness that comes from being Undead. There are those who think that the amulet can maintain the connection between the body and the soul, so that even an undead creature can regain their soul and thus their mind if they wear the amulet.

After traveling to Penza the Lanterns were able to get the amulet from Anson, the former high priest of the church of Gorum. although slain in battle he was able to help them perform a ritual that cleansed the city of Penza and the church there, and free his soul.

Amulet of the Still Mind

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