Owner of the Bottle Tap


Tessa is a human woman with fiery red hair, at least it is right after she washes it. She makes Expeditious Retreat her home. There she makes wine, which she sells from a small spot she calls The Bottle Tap. Tessa brings you a bottle, a glass, and a chair so that you can sit and enjoy her wine. “We don’t have tables, people tend to steal those.”

A woman of smiles and pleasantries, unless she’s cross. Witnesses have reported her flattening a rather loud and insulting man, surely twice her size, when he called her wine grape piss and refused to pay for the bottle he had already consumed. It took three men to carry his crumpled form back to his tent. That was after Tessa relieved him of the silver coins for the bottle, making sure to give his exact change in front of many witnesses.


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